If Ikea Made Babies The Instructions Would Be Ridiculously Impossible

Conan O'Brien hilariously examines something every parent will relate to.

Conan O’Brien has managed to capture the seemingly endless frustration that comes with assembling something from Ikea in two hilarious minutes.

In a video posted on his site on Thursday, the talk show host shared a report (which can be found online in stories dated back to 2005) that one in 10 Europeans are conceived in Ikea beds. With that in mind, O’Brien’s team offered a spoof that every person who’s ever faced off against Ikea instructions will relate to.

In the skit, the home furnishings store takes out all the work in the middle and provides couples with a baby to assemble ― at least if they can follow those “simple step-by-step instructions.”

You got this, parents!

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