If It's Friday, It's Meet the Bloggers

Some of my fellow Kossacks got their knickers in a twist the other day over the news that David Gregory's set to become the new host of NBC's Meet the Press. Why the outrage? Well for one thing, they can never forgive Gregory for dancing with the devil, aka "MC" Rove. Plus, as one unkind Kossack noted, "I think he looks like he's from Planet Of The Apes" (admittedly, the photos offered as evidence made a compelling case).

Why not Chuck Todd? Better still, Rachel Maddow, patron saint of progressive wonks?

Look, I worship the luminous Rachel just as much as the next lefty blogger, but when are you guys gonna wake up and start sleeping in on Sunday? Why waste another precious hour of your life watching all those inside-the-Beltway bozos compete to see who can offer the most ossified observations, the stalest sound bites? (I make an exception for Donna Brazile, for whom God created the DVR.)

Get with the program -- Friday is the new Sunday. You've got Left, Right, & Center on KCRW, and now there's Meet The Bloggers, live every Friday at 1 pm Eastern. Meet The Bloggers is an online video show from Robert Greenwald's Brave New Foundation, dedicated to providing a forum for "unconventional political opinion and analysis." It's got the talking heads you actually want to hear from, the folks just beyond the scope of our myopic old media.

And, it's got no commercials. Which makes this Friday's episode especially apt--just in time for the holidays, when so many Americans are "addled by advertising," as the Reverend Billy likes to say, Meet The Bloggers brings us the Rev and the righteous Savitri D from the Church of Stop Shopping, along with tips from the Center For A New American Dream's LaToya Peterson on how to simplify the holidays.

Last Friday, our culture's rampant consumerism literally ran amok and robbed Jdimytai Damour of his very life. Tune in this Friday to honor Damour's memory by learning what we can do to pull our people back from the maw of the malls and restore sanity and humanity to the holiday season.