If It's Not the Real Thing, It's Not Worth It

To let your guard down is the risk you need to take to really open yourself up and totally give your heart to someone.
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You deserve someone who is made for you.

It's the person that you look forward to being with, day in and day out. A connection that is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Someone who you can speak to truly from the heart; open and vulnerable sharing your deepest desires. But, within that magical place, you totally lose yourself.

When they look into you eyes, you feel like this person is looking through an open window to your soul.

They see far past what everyone else sees.

You both can be in an empty room with absolutely nothing, and talk hours upon hours, losing track of time and space with endless conversations.

You feel understood.

Each words falls perfectly in place, as if you're both creating a beautiful symphony with your thoughts.

This person knows you better than you know yourself.

You let your walls down, knowing at any moment this person could destroy you.

But, trust them by opening up with full vulnerability.

You intuitively know that they want nothing but the best for you, to make you better, constantly pushing you toward Greatness.

They take you places that you've never been before; mentally, sexually and spiritually.

This allows you to share the deepest secrets of your soul, despite any fear.

That's the highest level of intimacy.

You are in tune with each other's true essence, hidden beyond the layers of protective armor.

At that at that very moment, you are at ONE.

So close that you breathe each other in, every chance you get.

Every hug sends sensations through your body.

When your hands are intertwined, they just fit perfectly.

As if they are the missing pieces of the puzzle that you have been searching for all your life.

You inhale the sweet scent of their pheromones, and their intoxicating smell drives you wild.

You feel chills down your spine and you feel the comfort of your body melting in a cloud.

At that same level, you just want to lavishly kiss and caress them, gently stroke their face, hold them, protect them and keep them safe from harm.

You will never let anyone or anything hurt them.

Each touch flows like the rhythm of a beautiful song.

You dance to the music of each other's passion.

After you dance the night away, you're able to fall asleep in each other's arms, falling through the deepest most comfortable sleep of your life.

Waking up rejuvenated forgetting about all your worries.

Because, even your problems don't phase you like before, since that special someone has your back and you don't ever have to face them alone.

You just want to give them everything you have, physically, financially, and emotionally.

You take this person on a journey with you to the end of time, and you never ever give up on them, no matter how dark it gets.

Sure there will be storms, that's inevitable. But each one that you endure strengthens your bond.

A bond so strong that it supersedes time and space.

Even death will never do you part, because your love for them lives on far longer than their time on this earth.

It's easy to give up on finding that kind of love.

It's easy to think that it doesn't exist.

You don't search for this type of love. It finds to you when you remove all your barriers of fear.

To let your guard down is the risk you need to take to really open yourself up and totally give your heart to someone.

Even if knowing that in a split second, they can tear it into pieces.

Only then can you experience such everlasting love.

But you first must believe. And know wholeheartedly that You deserve it.

It's out there, because what you seek is seeking you.

Be patient.

You've waited this long, and you should NEVER settle for anything less.

Life is too short for mediocrity.

If it's not the real thing, it's not worth it.

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