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If Lesbians Said The Things Straight People Say, Straight People Would Get Pretty Offended

The things straight people say to lesbians can often be straight-up offensive.

A new BuzzFeed sketch, posted online Sept. 5, uses a humorous role reversal to make a legitimate point: The way straight people objectify lesbians in everyday conversations -- even under the guise of being complimentary -- is gross and absurd.

For example, if lesbians totally invalidated heterosexual sex:

"It's not, like, really sex, you know?"

Or fetishized straight romantic relationships:

"You two are straight? Can I watch?"

Or took a tongue-in-cheek approach to straight sexual identity:

"It's cool if you're straight. I just don't want to see it!"

Check out the clever video, above. Oh, and if you're a straight person wondering how to interact with a lesbian for the first time, here's a good place to start:

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