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If Logos Were Honest: Redux (PHOTOS)

By now you should be familiar with Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz and his hilarious series of "Honest Logos."

Hertz takes familiar brands and redesigns their logos to reflect what consumers actually use their products for. This time Hertz tackles ten more logos and if possible, the results are more spot-on than before. Nokia gets a sad-but-true facelift while the 7-11 logo is rethought to better reach the chain's key demographic.

While Hertz' logos will once again make you reconsider your consumer behavior, this round will also have you mourning your favorite brands that have passed their prime. Hertz' new batch of logo redesigns leave consumers pondering their everyday purchases, but also reflecting on how fleeting brand loyalty has become.

I haven't made any decisions whether to continue this project, so there might be more of them in the future. Maybe I'll do 10 every six months, or something. As long as people enjoy them and I'm amused by them, myself, I think I'll keep it up.

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