Everyday Sexism Isn't So Subtle When It Happens To Men

While it shouldn't take a gender-swapped video to illustrate just how skewed our treatment of women is, this one certainly does the trick.

A new video from Buzzfeed titled "If Men Were Women" shows every day scenarios -- but the genders of those involved are reversed.

One scene shows men patiently waiting for a woman to escort them home safely from a party. In another, a woman is patronizingly impressed by a man's stand up routine, reversing a familiar back-handed compliment: "It's hard to find a dude that's funny!" The video closes with a little boy somberly looking at a picture of past U.S. presidents -- all of whom are women. It's not a very encouraging picture for young boys who strive to be in politics or any leadership role for that matter. (Sound familiar?)

Experiences that are exceptionally common for women look like absurd exaggerations when applied to men, showing just how subtle and pervasive sexism can be.

What if we value people of all genders equally and call it a day? Seems fair.



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