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If Moms Treated Their Bosses The Way Kids Treat Their Parents

This video takes "You're not the boss of me!" to a new level.

The latest hilarious video from The BreakWomb is sure to resonate with working parents.

Titled "If Moms Treated Their Bosses The Way Kids Treat Their Moms," the video shows parents in the boardroom employing some classic child behaviors in interactions with their boss -- from inappropriately interrupting him to whining and crying to repeating back every word he says.

"This video was inspired by my son constantly telling me I'm 'not the boss' of him," BreakWomb co-star Megan Grano told The Huffington Post. "I started talking to Laurel and Molly about: what if we treated our bosses at work the way our kids treat us."

The result is as comical as it sounds.

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