If Parents Were Really Honest...

Absurd yet so relatable.

In this world of Pinterest and Instagram, there's a lot of pressure on parents to make their experience raising a family appear perfect and effortless.

But in a hilarious new video from The BreakWomb, a group of moms confess the lies they tell people about their seemingly flawless parenting. Titled "Mom Support Group," the video shows the ladies sharing some relatable yet comically absurd secrets -- from showing off the Spanx that completely cover their postpartum bodies to revealing what really happens when they go to "baby yoga class."

"I tell my friends and family that I make all of my son's purées. But the truth is I buy the stuff at the store, and I dump those jars into my own containers so it looks homemade," one mom confesses.

"I tell people that my 2-year-old daughter drew this, but actually I drew it," adds another. "My 2-year-old daughter only draws on our walls."

The truth is such a relief.

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