If People Announced Their Divorces Like They Do Engagements

Sorry the relationship everyone thought was totally wrong for you is over.

Getting engaged is an exciting milestone that deserves recognition from family and friends. Equally deserving of a little celebration? The moment when your friend stuck in a terrible, dead-end marriage finally decides to call it quits.

In the Above Average video above, two couples on a group date do just that, celebrating a divorce announcement with the same uncontained excitement usually reserved for engagement or baby news.

"Everyone has been wondering when this was going to happen," the still-married friend gleefully says. "I mean, you guys have been unhappily married for what, eight years?"

Inspiration for this sketch was drawn from real life, said head writer Matt Moskovciak.

"I think that everyone knows a couple that has broken up and it felt like a good thing for everyone involved," he told HuffPost.

Watch the clip for more of the celebration.

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