If Pregnancy Were Like A Rom-Com

"Watch as everything you know goes down the fallopian tube."

This couple's movie trailer pregnancy announcement shows what happens when "everything you know goes down the fallopian tube."

Excited announcers: Erik and Rebecca Herrera

Due date: November 7, 2016

Announcement method of choice: The Herreras made a parody movie trailer for a fake film called "Pregnancy."

The ugly truth: The trailer highlights some of the most ... delightful parts of pregnancy, like avoiding alcohol, becoming a petting zoo, constantly having to pee, and enduring countless unsolicited questions and comments.

Their infertility backstory: Erik shared their journey to parenthood in the YouTube description: "After five years of trying to get pregnant, including two years of many failed rounds of medical assistance and a doctor who said we should probably give up on the idea ... we're finally pregnant!"


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