If Roy Moore Wins, Congress Needs to Expel Him

If Roy Moore Wins, Congress Needs to Expel Him
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With only hours from finding out who the next Senator of Alabama will be, a poll from Morning Consult and Politico came out unveiling that 61% percent of Alabama voters believe The Senate should give the boot to Moore if he’s elected to The Senate.

To be specific, this is based on allegations of past sexual misconduct, including a disturbing story from a woman who claims that she had a sexual encounter with Roy Moore when she was 14 years old. At the time, Moore was over 30 years old. Quite disturbing and something that needs to be taken quite seriously.

In addition, it’s important to point out that out of the 61% percent of voters who want Moore out, 45 percent of those are Republican voters. That’s a big deal.

Further, another 29 percent of Republicans said Moore should stay in the Senate if he wins, while an additional 26% percent weren’t sure.

On the Democrat’s side, 77% percent of participants backed Moore’s expulsion from Congress.

The poll surveyed 1,955 registered voters between December 8 - December 11th, with a margin of error of 2% percent.

So here’s how this whole thing would need to work.

If Moore is elected to the Senate, an ethics investigation would need to be launched. If the investigation finds sufficient evidence, then the Ethics Committee could then recommend expulsion proceedings, would require a ⅔ vote, 67 senators, from The United States Senate.

With an overwhelming amount of Republicans wanting to get Roy Moore expelled, now more than ever, Americans must come together to unite, and make that happens.

The days of people getting away with unwanted sexual advances are over.

We are better than that, but need to prove it.

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