What Soda Commercials Would Look Like If They Told The Truth

"Wet sugar with bubbles." Yep.

Soda commercials so often depict cute baby polar bears, families hugging or people who probably don't drink soda looking glamorous drinking the stuff.

And while this year's Super Bowl ad portrayed Coca Cola as desirable to the likes of Ant Man and the Hulk, what would these TV spots look like if they focused on soda's real characteristics?

The Cracked video above takes a stab at ads that are a little more truthful about the part "wet sugar with bubbles" plays in America's health struggles, including its role in obesity and some major dental issues.

While soda sales are steadily declining and Michelle Obama has pushed to decrease the number of soda sales in schools, kids are often Big Soda's primary target. If soda companies were to actually be honest with the impressionable minds and taste buds of these potential customers, their advertisements would certainly be closer to this parody.

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