If 'Taken' Starred A Real Dad And Not Liam Neeson (VIDEO)

WATCH: If 'Taken' Starred An Actual Dad

When "Taken" came out in 2008, the message was clear: Liam Neeson is officially the reigning badass dad in Hollywood. Sorry, Harrison Ford. Liam can't help it if he just (puts on growl face) wants his family back harder than you.

But in the real world, dads are heroic in their own way, that typically involves a lot less kidnapper/terrorist ass-kicking. Dads are way better at totally beating up the evil forces of "Not Taking Naps," "Giving Advice On Avoiding Traffic" and "Other Hallmark Greeting Card Cliche."

Comedy group Captain Hippo has taken this idea to its logical extreme, by producing this fake trailer that recasts what would have happened in "Taken" if Liam Neeson's "very particular set of skills" involved a lot of "Home Improvement" reruns. It'd be like if "Taken 2" went directly to DVD and recast Kevin James in the lead role. And yes, we would totally watch that.

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