If This Story Doesn't Make You Believe In Love, Nothing Will

Sweet serendipity.

Bill and Christine were always soulmates, but "life got in the way." Growing up in the same small town, they both had crushes on each other but were too shy to do anything about it. 

"She's very smart. She's very attractive. She's very kind ... everybody that meets her falls in love with her," Bill told HuffPost Rise in an original video. "I figured she wasn't interested so I never really pursued it."

Meanwhile, Christine said in the '70s it wasn't proper for girls to pursue boys.

So the two went their separate ways but somehow their lives were always in parallel. Christine got married first and when Bill got the wedding invitation, regret hit him hard. "It should've been me," he said. Years later, when her marriage was on the rocks, she got Bill's wedding invitation. Her thoughts? You guessed it. 

As fate would have it, they both wound up single and Bill finally got the courage to ask her out.

"You were always the one but life got in the way," Christine said.

Watch the video above to watch -- and hear -- their beautiful love story in their own words.

Just goes to show that true love (and other really great things) can happen at any age.



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