If Travel Experts Could Visit Anywhere, This Is Where They'd Go

The picks are NOT typical.

If you want to go somewhere truly unique, follow the pros.

Harper's Bazaar asked the travel field's top experts -- hoteliers, senior editors and TV show hosts -- where they'd go if they had one shot at a trip... and their answers are anything but typical. Some of our favorites:

"SOUTH AFRICA." -Jeff Klein, hotelier and restauranteur at the Sunset Tower Hotel

"BHUTAN." -Jasmine Robinson, senior specialist at Mr & Mrs Smith

"SIWA OASIS, EGYPT." -Francesca Bonato, owner of Coqui Coqui Tulum

If you wanna get away on your own, the time has almost never been riper. Air travel prices are cheaper than this time last year, and Black Friday travel deals are just around the corner.

So book smart, and enjoy your adventure!

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