If Trump Tweeted About Actual Dangers The Way He Tweets About Refugees

His tweets are arguably more dangerous.

The chances of an American being killed by a refugee in a terrorist attack are slim to none. In fact, the CATO Institute puts the number at 1 in 3.64 billion. But if President Trump’s tweets were any indication ...

... you would just assume that refugees were responsible for thousands of American deaths each year. That’s simply not the case.

So what if President Trump tweeted about things statistically more dangerous to Americans than refugees, and with the same frothy-mouthed fear-mongering?

All of these things are more likely to kill you than refugees.  

  • Toddlers With Guns
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  • Vending Machines
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  • Lightning
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  • Accidents While Taking Selfies
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  • Bees
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  • Autoerotic Asphyxiation
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  • Lawnmowers
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  • Cows
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  • Stairs
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