If Twitter Had Been Invented In The '80s (VIDEOS)

These days it seems like everything old is new again. MySpace connects to Facebook. You can download and play a revamped version of the Oregon Trail on your iPhone. But what if something new -- and, not to mention, crucial to the exchange of information as we know it -- were somehow made to be old?

A viral video by the low-bandwidth-obsessed brain of web editor Jo Luijten has posed the whimsical question: "What if Twitter had been invented in the '80s?"


Padded with 8-bit graphics, obscure 1980s easter eggs and the soothing sounds of a dial-up modem connection, the video is a plea for viewers to connect with current Twitter personality, L.A.-based actress Kinna McInroe.

McInore, who played Nina in the movie "Office Space," has also contributed to other similarly campy throwback content on Luijten's website, Squirrel-Monkey, such as a 90s-style spoof of Facebook.

The site also features Luijten's nostalgic send-ups of Google and popular apps like Angry Birds and Draw Something.

Luijten told Wired that he dreamed up the concept for "creating a nonexistent world in the past" after watching the BBC program "Look Around You," which parodies educational shows from the 70s and 80s.

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