What It Would Look Like If Women Catcalled Men

It's no secret that the street harassment women are subjected to is invasive, ridiculous and, often times, downright bizarre -- and it's only more apparent when the gender roles are swapped.

In the Buzzfeed video "If Women Catcalled Men" published on Sept. 28, we see what life would be like if women made up the majority of street harassers and men were the victims.

The gender-swapped parody is a comedic reminder that street harassment is not only scary, but often times simply ridiculous. The catcalling in the video is definitely different than real-life street harassment with women yelling "Ay baby, I bet you'd let me choose what to do with my own body," to "Bet those arms could put together my IKEA furniture," at random men on the street.

The video ends with a variation on a more vulgar line that most women will recognize: "How do you fit all that d*ck in your jeans?!" Yea, that (sadly) sounds more like it.