If You Are Looking For A Job In 2010...You Will Need To Steal It! Here is how!

If You Are Looking For A Job In 2010...You Will Need To Steal It! Here is how!
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By Stephen Viscusi.

Let me start this column by clarifying that HarperCollins, put on the cover of my last book, "Bulletproof Your Job"--- "America's Workplace Guru". My editors at HarperCollins took the quote from Charlie Gibson, who chose the words himself while introducing me, as a workplace expert on ABC's-Disney's /"Good Morning America". It is not a self appointed title. It's not that I am lacking in ego, but, I am not the "self-proclaimed" --"America's Workplace Expert" Thank you Charlie, and "Good Morning America."

That being said, it is time, to figure out how to re-invent yourself for 2010. Desperate times call for desperate measures. How do you find work, when you have been unemployed for a year--maybe more. Especially in a time, when 45 percent of Americans that are working, hate their jobs, and 25% percent of Americans are under-employed --or unemployed.

Katie Couric and CBS News, in a report tonight January 5th--and really in every news outlet thinks they have the answer. They have some answers, but none have this secret. For those of you who watch me on TV or read my books, or follow my BLOGS, here is the real and only answer.

There are far more unemployed people then there are jobs today.

Technology has made that so it will not change. More people then jobs will not balance for ten years. Sorry. So we need tricks to find the few jobs that do exist, "Networking" is an over-used and over-exposed. True, but here is my secret, one that lazy new producers overlooked.

Just like every employee has a boss they can't stand...guess what?

Every boss has an employee that they can't stand.

It's true, even in a recession. More so, in a recession, polls show 45 % of Americans are not happy in their jobs--that unhappy factor equals bad morale--and that equals unhappy bosses.

Therefore here's Stephen Viscusi's cover letter on how to STEAL a job in 2010.

Sample letter as suggested by Stephen Viscusi:

Dear Blank:

I know you are fully staffed. And, during these tough times very few

people are hiring. I have always admired your company and (then pull

some words from the company website, to show you speak their language),

And---I want you to have my resume on file, should anything open up. Often,

employers who are not hiring, that is---until they see a résumé, and an

"attitude", that can replace someone they have, ---for less money. Sorry--you have too :-(

(Then specifically modify your own resume each time you send it out, to

show (passive-aggressively) why and how you can do the job better, and

hopefully cheaper--then whoever they have there now.

For real, it works. Yes--you are "planting the idea" that you are

better, and yes, cheaper then who is working there now. Sorry, it's

2010, welcome to Obama World. How do you think he got elected!

In my new TV show "The Job Whisperer" I train people how to steal their

best friends jobs. Crazy? You think so... mean? You tell me? 2010..you

want a job, steal it?

Look...your friend has a job they do not even appreciate...do they

complain about the job they have while you have none? Do they complain

about the boss they have while you have no boss? Well, you have the

ammunition to steal it! I just gave it to you!

Machiavelli--or Mommy? You tell me. Get a job!

If you want more of these secrets ...and there are many more,,,,pick up a

copy of my book, HarperCollins book now in 9 languages, "Bulletproof Your

Job", or visit my website www.BulletproofYourResume.com.

Follow me on Twitter at "WorkplaceGuru" and on Facebook at: Stephen

Viscusi and Email me at:Stephen@viscusi.com

Katie Couric, you want more viewers and to Bulletproof Your own

job...and tell people to watch and on how to prepare for 2010...then do

your own homework, with, as Charlie Gibson did, with America's workplace


Copyright 2009

Stephen Viscusi

May be reproduced without permission of author, as long as author gets credit Stephen Viscusi is the host of the upcoming TV show "The Headhunter From Hell".

Stephen Viscusi is the author of "Bulletproof Your Job" (HarperCollins) and can be reached at Stephen@viscusi.com. Visit his website @http://www.bulletproofyourjob.com, Follow me on Twitter @workplaceguru and add me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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