If You Are Not Selling the Dream, What Are You Selling?

When you observe entrepreneurs who are selling the dream you always notice that they have a big, fat smile on their face. Why? Because they are probably already millionaires if not close, they have clients, they get results and they look the part.

However you will always notice an entrepreneur who is not selling the dream because they always look stressed, overworked, they struggle to get clients and they don't look the part.

Am I making sense so far? Let me explain further.

I went to a network meeting the other week and even though I was tired I went and got my hair done, put on my dress, my lovely Walter Steiger's and got in a taxi.


Because looking the part was part of selling the dream, did I want to turn up in sweats? Yes but as a wealth coach if I did there would have been a huge disconnect for everyone that met me because I would not have looked like a wealth coach.

Here is another example.

Whenever I meet with clients most of the time I will either pick up the tab or most of the tab.


Because its part of selling the dream, and to be honest I am very old fashioned when it comes to taking out clients, you should always be willing to pick up the tab if you are looking for their business.

Another example.

When I am on the phone consulting with a potential new client, I always immediately give about 5-10 ideas as to how they can make money before discussing my fees. You should not ne afraid to share some of your knowledge.

I paint a picture of the possibilities, and whenever I do these consultations face to face you can always see the gleam in the clients eyes because they see the vision.

I do this because the consultation should be about them and not you. It should be about how you are going to fill their needs, but really it's about how you are going to give them what they want or get them to where they want to be.

Another example.

I always tell clients about my experience, whom I have worked with, the types of projects I have worked on and how I have helped previous clients.

I do this because living the dream that you are selling is the best proof that it is possible for your clients to do the same, lets be honest you can fake it until you make it but if you do sooner or later the cracks do appear.

If you aren't selling the dream what are you selling?

I hear a lot of entrepreneurs say, they don't like sales but the harsh reality is that the business you are really is sales. Its not make up, website design etc. its sales. Because without sales there is no money and without money there is no business and without a business it's back to work doing a job that you hate.

Here is my formula to selling the dream and making loads of money in the process:

1. Dress the part: We all like to be comfortable but a little bit of pain goes a long way to getting more clients.
2. Act the part: Remember you are the expert trying to get the client. Be professional and don't get too personal unless that is part of you selling the dream.
3. Pick up the tab: If you are meeting a client for a consultation, pick up the tab its old school but do it, remember you want their business.
4. Paint the picture: When you are talking about your products and services on the phone paint the picture that appeals to their wants and needs, don't give the whole back story about the business being your baby its boring and to be frank that is not selling the dream.
5. Share your street cred: Don't be shy say who you have worked with or are working with, what press you have been in and don't be shy to say you are in huge demand if you are. This is all part of selling the dream.
6. Cancellations:If the client backs out of the deal at the last minute, handle it with grace and send them a lovely '' thank you for your time email'' if you do chances are they will be back working with you sooner or later.
7. Think big: Always be thinking BIG, to sell the dream you have to believe in the dream and keep thinking about the dream, if you do your message will come across with ease and will flow from your heart to theirs.

The real secret to making money in business is telling your story; your ideal client is who you used to be. Tell that story and watch the money roll in.

If you don't have clients, if you are struggling to pay bills don't sit and complain do something about it. Selling the dream will be turning point when you will start to see the success you have been longing for.

Business is all about appealing to someone else's desires, never forget that.