If You Could Only Set One Intention, Let It Be This

Most every Sunday night I set my intentions for the week. I light a candle, listen to Tibetan singing bowls on Spotify and step into a creative, flowing, and meditative place of connection and creation.

I write these intentions as affirmations. It has been ingrained in me by Wayne Dyer and other spiritual teachers to write intentions as if they are happening now. Rather than saying, "I will....", I claim my intention in the present and affirmative "I AM...."

This intention that I set is so powerful and potent, that all of the other intentions I create pale in comparison and can pretty much be tossed; as they will likely fall into place anyway, and if they don't I will be at peace with it.

Ok, here it is from my Heart to yours...

"I am in Alignment with the Highest Version of myself."

Call it what you want: Spirit, The Divine, Higher Power, Universe, Mother Nature, or God. When I am in alignment with my Source I respond gracefully to life rather than react carelessly.

When I am in alignment with my Source I am attracting life-affirming experiences. The law of Attraction states that like attracts like. When I am tapped into my Inner Divinity; of course the Universe will reflect circumstances, events, and relationships that are for my highest good.

I also understand that when I am in alignment with my Source; I may even take a job that does not feel right, or move to a city that I don't love. However, the lessons I learn are part of my evolution and thus the experience is backed by Source who is smiling, dancing, and, shining with me. She helps me be a woman of dignity and grace as I learn lessons, set boundaries, and let go of experiences that don't serve.

This makes some of my other dreams of abundance, travel, and human relationships seem a little less shiny. Of course all of those things will happen, but when I am aligned with the Divine- it will be in Divine timing.

I look at my vision boards and see that in the center is always a picture that reflects Divine Alignment. The edges and sides of the board are pictures of friends, soul sisters, romantic love, marriage, babies, goddesses of abundance, the rice patties of Bali, yogis, authors, and speakers.

When Divine Alignment is not at the front and center of my intentions I can feel grasping, controlling, and caught up in self-will. The third step in 12 step recovery is: "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him." I love the act of surrender and I believe additionally that this "God of our own understanding" is also within us, and it is a source that I can tap into and embody through daily spiritual practice.

When the funky feelings and triggers arise- I tap into this source. I ask: "What does the Highest Version of myself want?" or "What would the Big Love do?" Simply stepping into this inquiry allows me to know that inspiration and connection is available and inevitable.

Sankalpa is a sanskrit word which means a vow and resolve we create to nourish our Highest Self.

So I invite you to inquire when you are scheming, dreaming, pondering, planning, creating goals and visions: "What is my true Sankapla?, How can I connect with my Highest Self?"

I wish you all Alignment with your Inner Divinity, your Big Love, and your Truth.

Sending Love, connection, and Light,

Carolyn Jean

How to cultivate a Daily Spiritual Practice is one of the tools I share in my program, Magnetize Miracles. I support women who struggle with addiction and addictive type behaviors step into lives beyond their wildest dreams.