If You Grew Up With Divorced Parents, This Will Hit A Nerve

"It wasn't just about them getting a divorce. It was about my whole family being broken up."

Few of us talk about what it's like to grow up with divorced parents. Maybe because divorce is so common these days, we figure, what's the point? Who hasn't experienced being shuffled from one house to another -- or dealt with commitment issues later on in life because of the divorce?

But as the BuzzFeed video above illustrates, divorce is big deal -- and it's entirely worth discussing. In the clip, grown children of divorce open up about how their parents' breakup affected them and still affects them to this day.

One interviewee talks openly about how frustrating it was when his mom badmouthed his dad.

"Mom talked about dad a lot. I couldn't stand it. I think I was a young teenager at the time" he says. "My advice if that's happening to you is to respectfully ask your parents not to discuss the other person in front of you because A: It's not healthy and B: It makes you feel like shit."

If you grew up with divorced parents, what's said in the video is all too relatable. If you're a divorced parent, take it as a crash course on the right and wrong way to raise your kids after the separation.

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