If You Haven't Heard These Songs, You're Sleeping

It’s cuffing season, your playlist better be fire or you might not get any play.

These 5 songs have been setting the mood not only in the bedroom but also in the gym, at work and everywhere in between. While we’ve been clouded by the mumble rap and less than impressive vocals, these up and coming artists are changing the game of rap and R&B, be on the lookout.

Make yourself a drink, plug in your headphones and vibe out to these songs.

If you haven't heard of Saweetie you must have been catching some Z’s, foreal. Her song “Icy Girl” got over one million view on Youtube in less than a month. Saweetie got the lyrical gift, the looks and the brains. The USC graduate has been wanting to become a rapper since the age of 14. Not shying away from claiming her bigger than life dreams, she’s definitely speaking them into existence. Take a listen:

Have you ever looked for a yellow durag at the hair supply store? I did last week, I couldn’t find one. Dougie f definitely found a need and filled it. All jokes aside, Dougie’s album “Yellow Durag” is fire. The second track on the album is called Still Standing and is my personal favorite. It’s got a motivational twist with a f u type of vibe. Turn up the volume:

Zae France’s voice is definitely a panty dropper, the smooth melody and swag is undeniable. The song beautifully named T.L.C is the 2017 cuffing season anthem. Zae has been on replay for about 3 days and I’m sure you’ll feel the same after your first listen. Grab your boo, pour you a glass of wine, dim the lights and vibe out:

Do you know how refreshing it is to hear a rapper rap without cursing? Tobe Nwigwe conveys the type of heart this world is craving. Tobe makes having a purpose popular, always sending us the necessary messages through his music. His rhyme are ever changing and adjectives just ever following. His love for God, his family and fat(his fiancé) so evident that it truly inspires you. Hug a loved one, sit, watch and listen:

If you not ready to turn up please refrain from this track, but if you about that life, Pardi is for you. You can hear the hunger in his voice, the drive is evident and it shows in the work he’s producing. Hailing from upstate New York Pardison has a distinct style to his music. Pardi connects to the everyday person, telling us stories about his struggles as well as his progress and come ups. If you’re looking to get out the hood, a promotion and to chase your dreams you’ll definitely relate to Pardi’s song In The Field. Turn up:

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