If You Just Won the Lottery....

Many people I spoke with in the last few weeks while doing my day to day activities were more than happy to share what they would do if they won the lottery. A technician at my doctors' office said, "Well, if I win the lottery, I certainly won't be here."
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All the recent buzz around the Powerball Lottery Jackpot of 1.6 billion dollars got me to thinking...

Many people I spoke with in the last few weeks while doing my day to day activities were more than happy to share what they would do if they won the lottery. A technician at my doctors' office said, "Well, if I win the lottery, I certainly won't be here."

Sadly, that was the general consensus. They felt if they won the lottery that they would have a chance to reinvent themselves and finally have a worthwhile life.

Thoreau said that most people live lives of quiet desperation, and that is true. I see it every day. I meet those people who are going through their lives just hoping and waiting for their big break, the big opportunity that will hopefully show up one day that can change their lives for the better once and for all; An opportunity that will allow them to finally live a happy and fulfilled life. In their minds, the lottery can do just that. Money can buy happiness, and they want to see just how happy they can be with a pot of gold and the rainbow.

It's no wonder really that that attitude is so prevalent. The Gallup Organization says that only 20 percent of us by our own admission get to do what we do best every day. That means 80 percent of us are just on auto pilot, following the same humdrum routine day to day. It's like there's no spark inside, just a dull, lifeless being with no passion. We're doing what we feel we need to do versus what we want to do.

The reality is that we get to decide what our future looks like. We can be the creator of our own destiny. We can choose to no longer be a victim of our circumstances or make decisions about our lives and careers based on fear, lack, or scarcity.

I know it's hard to believe, but there are actually people who have carved out the lives they always dreamed of, and they did it without the lottery, or even a lot of money.

Here is what those successful and fulfilled people all have in common:

1.They have a burning desire within them that they can no longer ignore.
2.They are fully committed to making the necessary changes required to reach their desired goals.
3.They are ready to take responsibility for their actions and results for the past and the future. (We are where we are in our lives because of the decisions we have made. The great news is we are solely responsible for our future. This truth is incredibly empowering. Once we truly believe this, we are no longer a victim of our circumstances and we can no longer blame other people, society or our government for our results.)

Dolly Parton once said, "Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

The first step to creating the life you desire is to identify and connect with your inner passion "your gift" that is unique to you.

In order for you to ignite this passion, you must get clear on what you truly want. What are you passionate about - what fires you up?

I have created a simple process called the Ignite Your Passion process that will assist you in starting to reveal and ignite your true passion and your gifts.

Ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1.What do I do that I love to do?
2.What do I do that I can't help but do?
3.What do people tell me that I'm really good at?(Sometimes we're so close to it we don't see it for ourselves. Or, it comes so naturally to us we don't think of it as anything special.)

This simple but powerful process will help you gain clarity around your passion.

The next step, is to create a vision of how you can utilize this passion or your gifts in your life, career or business. By exercising your passion in your personal and professional life, you are able to start living an abundant, fulfilled and joyful life.

The third and final step is to turn your vision into step by step plan and to take deliberate, consistent action on that plan. Action = results.

You have a choice to make; you can either stay stuck and continue on the same path- or you can create your own way forward, a path that leads to a passionate, purposeful and prosperous life.

Wouldn't it be great if you did happen to win the lottery one day or if someone asked you what you would do if you won the lottery and you could honestly say to yourself and everyone around you, "I'm perfectly content and happy doing what I'm doing and I wouldn't change a thing." Instead of using the money for yourself, you could use the money to serve others with your gifts in a bigger way; you could give back by donating to your community or a cause that you believe in or you could start a foundation of your own around your passion.

That to me, my friend, is the true meaning of success. And, you don't need to win the lottery to get there.

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