If You Need Help Getting Your Life In Order, Here It Is

If You Need Help Getting Your Life In Order, Here It Is
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It’s mid-winter and we are all about ready to have our mid-winter crisis. Here’s our picks for helping you get your life in order, all while staying on top of your game.

Slice Planner Introducing the newest planner trend of 2017, (and no, it’s not bullet journaling) Slice Planner. Combining the technology of augmented reality and the classic feel of paper-pen notetaking, slice planner is the perfect product for anyone looking to infuse technology into their daily journaling routine, without the necessity to purchase expensive tablets or smartpens.

STACKS It’s 2017 and it’s time to hide the clutter of wires on your desk and bedside with the industrial, modern look of STACKS. Available in industrial steel and classic brass, they’re heavy, strong, and also a cool keepsake to keep your desk looking cool.

Cloop For the wires you stow inside your desk drawer, use Cloop. A beautifully designed alternative to rubberbands or zipties, Cloop completely eliminates the issues of cord clutter and gives you a way to store the seemingly unstoreable—easily tangled and disarrayed wires. Take it on the go with you to make sure your earbuds, chargers, and more stay organized.

Yohann The Yohann is an iPad stand that was created from one large piece of wood. With the ability to see the individual annual growth rings on each product, no Yohann is alike. This gorgeous piece is a great addition for any desk or coffee table. It flawlessly fits your iPad, Apple Pencil and charger in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

BetterBack Stop slouching, leaning over, and dealing with inevitable back pain. With BetterBack, you can learn how to better your posture and adjust your lifestyle to reduce your pain. Using just 15 minutes a day can help improve the way you sit to make sure that your next few hours at your desk aren’t painful. This device transforms any ordinary chair into an ergonomic one that will help you focus on your work instead of your back.

LifePower The world’s smallest portable outlet makes your life easier while on-the-go. For every time you’re scrambling through the airport trying to find an outlet or the times at a coffeeshop when all of the seats near the outlets are taken, LifePower is there. This is the perfect for any working professional or student to generate massive power, anywhere. With the ability to recharge both using a traditional AC outlet or through a solar panel, it’s lightweight, easy to use, and is the perfect Goldilock’s solution between a too weak portable phone charger and a too bulky generator.

Withings Aura The dreaded beep* beep* of the alarm clock every morning doesn’t have to be so dreadful. Withings Aura is a revolutionary connected, smart alarm clock that helps you make your morning wake-ups easier. Simulating the sunrise with its lamp and the ability to stream music, you can jumpstart your day before you’re even up. And when you fall back asleep that night, Withing’s is able to light up with soothing colors to help you fall asleep faster. Add the sleep sensor to get even more involved in your sleep cycles and make sure that every night your head hits the pillow, it will be a good one.

Raycop Stop living amongst invisible filth. Raycop cleans up after allergens that coexist everywhere in your house. Developed by a medical physician, Raycop is the dustbuster for allergens that is 3x more effective at cleaning up allergens than your standard vacuum. Using HEPA filters and UV light penetration, you can feel peace of mind with a clean house.

TubShroom Once upon a time my shower plug got clogged. I opened the drain and pulled out a hairball the size of a small woodland creature. Enter TubShroom, the most efficient drain for your bathtub and shower. Collecting all of your hair in one smooth go, TubShroom prevents any nasty back-ups in your plumbing and neatly stores your wads of hair to trash.

FiberFix It’s time to finally fix that broken chair that’s been calling your name for months. Repair that pipe you MacGyvered a fix for last month that looks like it’s on its last legs. FiberFix is superglue in tape version. Unbreak your broken objects quick and easy.

Wood Butcher Design This keyrack is not only an essential to keep your ring of keys from the depths of clutter, it also is gorgeously designed to fit any entryway. With easy installation, you’re just a few steps away from adding both decor to your home, and a functional tool to give your keys a home.

iKon But let’s talk about the case of losing your keys—it happens. That’s why devices like iKon exist, a small, versatile tracker that helps you find your belongings using GPS location. Features include a light, ringing, and geo-fencing, our favorite which let’s you set up an area and will notify you when you leave without your belongings behind.

Ever Bamboo Feeling the stink in your house? Maybe something has gotten a few weeks past or someones needs a good wash. Ever Bamboo is about to become your best friend. With products like deodorizers and sanitizers, Ever Bamboo keeps your house smelling fresh and crisp, all powered by the natural prowess of bamboo and charcoal. They have thought of everything, from shoes to fridges to guitars—everything can smell clean as new with Ever Bamboo.

StatGear For all the “what-ifs”, StatGear has got your back. Created by a practicing New York Paramedic, StatGear has a product line of all emergency tools that can help you get out of a bad situation. Grab something for everyday carry such as the Pocket Samurai, or keep an Auto Rescue Tool in your car for you or someone in need. Either way, StatGear has some of the most important products out there that should be in the vehicles and pockets of everyone, you never know what life you could help save.

Franklin Shelf Make use of those pesky room corners with the Tronk Design Franklin Shelf, designed specifically to make the most of your space. With several grains of wood available, you’ll be sure to find the match for any room in your house to truly maximize your space efficiency. Made out of durable, thick wood, it’s sturdy enough to be hung or as a standalone.

Wardour and Brewer Stop asking others what time it is. Get a watch. Get this watch. Wardour and Brewer has a one-of-the-kind time piece that truly is a watch of the ages. We loved the Silverstone Rose Gold watch designed by Swedish craftsmen for elegant men and women.

LetterNote For fine stationary, look no further than LetterNote designs, with all products living by their Live Joyfully manifesto. These notebooks, prints, and other accessories will truly get you motivated, both due to their sheer beautiful design and their functionality. Minimalist design keeps your mind a blank slate to do the work you set out to do.

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