If You Still Support Trump After Everything He's Said, You're a Bigot


The American public needs to have an imperative awakening: Supporters of Donald Trump can no longer be defended, or justified, or simply considered "rebellious."

At this stage, individuals who vote for Trump after every racist, sexist, offensive remark he has made can only be classified as bigots.

There are no more excuses left to defend Trump and his voters. Voting for an anti-establishment candidate in hopes of transforming the corrupt political system is all well and good, but Trump is not close to such a candidate. Trump is a billionaire who has bought the system and will do absolutely nothing to change the way Washington is run.

The list of appalling comments Trump has made is endless. In regards to Latinos, he continues to push for a xenophobic wall, the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants, called Mexicans "rapists," and insulted a Mexican-American federal judge due to his ethnicity.

He has called for a ban of all Muslims entering the U.S., the patrol of mosques and Muslim neighborhoods, and the killing of innocent members of terrorists' families.

He has told women they deserve "punishment" for abortion and insulted the appearances of successful women such as Rosie O'Donnell, Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, and Hillary Clinton.

He has referred to a black voter as "my African-American."

He has mocked a disabled reporter and said veteran John McCain was a loser for being captured as a prisoner of war.

He has declared he would abolish freedom of the press, violate the Geneva Convention and bring back torture, and encouraged his supporters to punch protesters while he pays for their legal fees.

Voting for Trump is beyond justification at this point--when the Speaker of the House is calling his comments "textbook racist" and lifelong Republicans are leaving their party, there is something deeply wrong with the fact that over 13 million Americans have currently voted for a billionaire whom the Ku Klux Klan has endorsed.

Yet there are still Americans who maintain that Trump will fix the economy or make "tremendous" trade deals and turn a blind eye to everything else the candidate has said--this is now indefensible. Trump not only has no idea what his actual policies will be (considering he changes his mind every week), but his unbelievably regressive social policies cannot possibly validate any best-case-scenario gains he would theoretically make for the economy.

There's no hiding behind claims of solely supporting Trump's economic policy. If you continue to support and vote for a candidate who has made hundreds of disgusting, racist remarks, your bigotry is indisputable.

Photo credit: Reuters