If You Want To Go Far, Go Together

Attending the Millennium Campus Conference (MCC) was one of the most successful experiences in my life. I was chosen as an international delegate twice; first for MCC15 at the United Nations Headquarters and then for MCC16 at Howard University. I traveled overseas all the way from Beirut, Lebanon to the United States of America to meet incredible youth leaders and powerful change makers, to think together about global issues, to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals and to come up with ideas that would help people get more benefits from the power of the UN and similar organizations.

MCC16 had a special taste this year with new opportunities and new experiences. There was a chance to visit the Capitol, and some of the attendees (including international ones) participated in a lobbying day, asking for support and funds from senators and their staffers who have the power to help solve lethal diseases such as Malaria and HIV/AIDS. Our group met with Mr. Matt Squer at senator Heidi Heitkamp's office. The meeting was smooth and easy. Mr. Squer liked how we presented the problem and he showed a big interest in funding the project we discussed.

Ghewa at a plenary session during MCC16. Photo cred @hieu.light.

The MCN team did incredible work to prepare for the conference at Howard University. There was an Opportunities Fair which was a chance to network with representatives from universities and NGOs focusing on various issues. As a chemist who has almost four years of experience in the medical field and an interest in women's rights issues and gender equality, I had multiple opportunities to network during the conference. I will continue to work during the next few months, hoping that I will be able to move at least one step forward towards my dream, which is working for UN Women. I want to put all the efforts and energy I have in programs that help girls and women all around the world to get their rights.

A MCC16 selfie with Ghewa and friends outside the Blackburn Center at Howard University.

In the end, I want to thank every member of the MCN team, volunteers and delegates for being a great source of inspiration, for loving the creation of change and for willing to go forward for it. To the great friends I had the chance to meet over this week, I want to tell you how powerful your minds are and how proud I am to have you as my friends. Every single one of us has the passion to do something; for this we should all work together, think together, and act together. If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

Article written by MCC16 delegate Ghewa Srour. Ghewa is from Beirut, Lebabon. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. After attending the 7th Annual Millennium Campus Conference in 2015 she was inspired to ignite change and to continue connecting with other students at the 8th Annual Millennium Campus Conference in 2016 who share her passion for creating a better world.