If Your Coworkers Were Rappers

We all love our coworkers, don't we? Sure we do. Especially if one of them is reading over your shoulder right now (hi there!).

But according to science, five out of five coworkers are annoying. There are many ways to deal with annoying coworkers, but obviously the most effective way is to picture them as rappers.

Picturing your coworkers as rappers makes you laugh and provides a helpful nickname that can be used when talking about them behind their backs.

Ice Cubicle


No matter what you do, you can't get this coworker out of his cubicle. He skips meetings, he skips lunch, he sometimes even skips going home. If you approach his cubicle, he treats you like an alien from some faraway planet, which is exactly how you feel about him.

Young Buck the System


You want to do it your way? Try again. Young Buck the System will never follow the process you set up, even if it did take you a year to do. You try to teach him a lesson or two, but no matter what you do, nothing gets through.



This overzealous intern is scheduling meetings for 8 a.m., writing 20-page documents and always wants to "pick your brain". The summer never seemed so long.

Kendrick Lamartyr


If this coworker is already overloaded with work, why does he keep volunteering for more? Probably because he loves complaining that he worked all weekend and hasn't slept in days.

Two Cent


When Two Cent asks if he can tell you what he thinks, it's a rhetorical question. So, you play along and say yes, then sit there nodding. It doesn't matter if it's an email he wasn't originally sent or a meeting he wasn't originally invited to, he's always there and ready to share his thoughts.

Nit Picky Minaj


No one expects perfection, except Nit Picky Minaj. No matter how hard you try to distract her with glaringly obvious mistakes, she skips past those and points out 10 ridiculously tiny things that no one else will care about.

Snoop Snoopy Dog


With Snoop Snoopy Dog, you need a screen protector for your screen protector. Whenever he's near, his eyes are darting from your laptop to your phone to your tablet and back again. He should just take a picture, and there's a good chance he has.

Young Sneezy


Young Sneezy is ill, but not in a good way. You tell him to go home, but he says he's fine. Between sneezes and coughs, he's touching your chair, your keyboard and your monitor, which explains why your desk smells like anti-bacterial soap.

Notorious WFH


Like clockwork, you get an email from this coworker every Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday morning saying he's working from home. You've started using his desk for cupcake parties.

Kant Wait West


Where's the fire? There is no fire, but he's in a rush anyway. He won't wait for you to get off the phone before he starts talking, get out of the conference room before he's starting his own meeting, or finish your sentence before he's already replied to the email.

What rappers do you work with? Leave a comment below!

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