If You're Broke, Fix It (WATCH)

One of my HuffPost Live segments Thursday was on why it's so hard to say "I can't afford that!" Shame, of course, ruled the roost as the main reasons people can't stop charging coffees and Christian Louboutins alike. Keeping up with the Joneses, faking it to make it, whatever it is that has sent consumer debt SOARING this year has got to stop -- or at least be put on layaway. Americans are carrying over 424 percent MORE credit card debt this year than they did in 2010. Sure, some of this debt is for basic necessities, but not all 48 billion of it! "Check out" our conversation on the topic above, and give "credit" to our fantastic panel of experts and HuffPost Live community members. And don't forget to "cash in" your opinion in the comments -- what are some of the ways that you think we can break our habit of spending every last cent until we are broke?