If You're Dissatisfied With the Country's Direction? Vote

Last year, the president and Democrats were riding high after standing firm against a futile attempt by Tea Party Republicans to delay implementation of the president's health care law. Yet, according to a Washington Post poll last week, "Midterm momentum belongs to GOP," Republicans a year later are gaining ground around "dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama's leadership, the overall direction of the country and the federal government's ability to deal with major problems."

A year ago, Americans were chomping at the bit for an opportunity to vote against those responsible for the government shutdown that cost the government and businesses an estimated 24 billion in lost economic output. Here it is, a chance to vote and send better representatives to DC. Yet there will be some who don't vote. And it is why Americans, regardless of their political position, have no right to voice concern or dissatisfaction with the country's direction and the politics in Washington if they don't vote!

Last week's Washington Post-ABC News poll found "Six in 10 say they cannot trust the government in Washington to do what is right -- the same as a year ago in the aftermath of the government shutdown and the botched rollout of the federal website for the Affordable Care Act."

The shutdown was a byproduct of dysfunction and political strategy that sought to make the passage of laws in Congress nonexistent. The American voter should ask their elected officials sent to Washington during the 112th and the current 113th Congressional sessions been the least productive in U.S. history? And why do Dems and President Obama winners in last year's shutdown look like they will lose seats in both the House and the Senate? Perhaps, it is because while the president and Dems point fingers at others for the gridlock in Washington, they failed to create a message that resonated with all Americans.

When the president was first elected, he did an exceptional job talking to the American people explaining what he and his administration were doing to keep the nation from going into a depression. Once his presidency is over it may be his most important achievement. Unfortunately, at the same time, he did something that was unnecessary and helped draw the line in the sand that exists today. He kept blaming his predecessor, as if we didn't already know who was to blame. Americans then and now simply needed to know where he was leading the nation.

Today, Dems and the president look like a deer blinded by headlights. The president and arty that inherited an economic mess, played a big part saving the country from economic peril yet lost Congressional seats in 2010. On November 4th, it looks like they will again in 2014 lose seats because they failed to create a real message to excite their base.

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 Americans whether you are Democrat or Republican, agree or disagree with the president, Dems or GOP and/or are dissatisfied with the country's direction have an opportunity to vote and send representatives to Washington who will seek the best answers and work together to move our nation forward. There will be satisfaction only if first we vote and hold our elected officials accountable, making them as President John F. Kennedy said, "not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."