24 Things To Remember When You're Overwhelmed By Stress

Something to keep in mind this holiday season

Holiday stress is no picnic. There's so much to do during the time between Thanksgiving and New Years that it can begin to feel like no celebration at all.

And when you're stressed, it's easy to let those feelings snowball. First you're only worried about one thing, but suddenly you feel the weight of a mountain's worth of problems on your shoulders.

While your problems really might be overwhelming in the moment, it's important to remember that the world is jam-packed with wonderful and naturally de-stressing things. We've compiled 24 of those things for you so that, in case of emergencies, you'll always be able to find some relief:

1. Kindness is free.

2. If a goat can smile so can you.

3. The cutest cartoon penguin is rooting for you.

4. Speaking of penguins, did you know that a male penguin gifts a female penguin with a smooth pebble when he wants her to be his mate? It's like a penguin's version of an engagement ring. Is that not the best?

5. Cows have best friends. Cow pals!

6. For one month, a husband wrote down everything that made his slightly sensitive wife cry (sometimes with joy!). One item on the list: "She was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet." Totally feel her.

7. Here's Mariah Carey's renowned Christmas jam. Play it if you feel bummed out.

8. Oh, remember when that Canadian dad was alone in an airport overnight and he remade a Celine Dion music video? Refresh your memory:

9. This is a baby geep. Her parents are a goat and a sheep! That's her mum alongside her.

10. Please follow instructions below and remember how freaking cute animal paws are.

11. A study found that a lifetime of eating cheese doesn't really contribute to weight gain. Just a snack suggestion!

12. This is what Sir Patrick Stewart dressed up as for Halloween in 2013.

13. If you wanted, you could purchase this sweatshirt that lets you be a "kangaroo mom" to your cat or dog.

14. This is a good mantra to keep in your back pocket.

15. Age is just a number, baby!

16. Someone invented a foursie, which is a onesie for a horse.

17. Obama nearly lost it when he met a baby dressed as The Pope.

18. Just Obama's sweet, sweet interactions with babies in general is worthy of a smile.

19. I mean, COME ON.

20. These strangers were seated next to each other on the same flight.

21. The nicest place on the internet is a place where you can give hugs to strangers.

22. Three-hundred and fifty slices of pizza are sold every second in America.

23. Your dog really does love you.

24. There are 7.1 BILLION people in the world. Being a person is hard, but it'd be easier if we were all a tinier bit nicer. You can choose to do so this second.

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