If You’re Graduating This Year, You Need To Read This

Congratulations you smarty pants! You’ve done it! You graduated!!! No matter how many years it took you or how you managed to get there, I’m so proud of you. There are so many wonderful things in store for your future, however, take this time to reflect on all of these wonderful years of growth that you were able to have while in high school or college. These are the moments where we grow into our skin even more. We make almost adult-like choices while still having help as well.

Thank all of the ones you’ve met in your time leading to this moment, good or bad people, as they are lessons and blessings in our lives.

Out of all the things I could say, here’s this…

Dear Graduation,

I feel like it’s not the time for us to meet yet. You see, I’ve heard many things about you, good and bad and I’m not quite sure how I feel about you yet.

From what I’ve heard about you, you are very big and flashy. You like to praise others on their accomplishments, which is very nice of you but you also make people cry, so that’s not good.

Four years in college is four years too short, I think. Many people have agreed about how quickly you fly by and most people try their very best to avoid meeting you by taking a “victory lap.” Are they ashamed? No. Why should they be?

You’re intimidating and you make everyone nervous around this time of year, the last semester of college. You engrave these ideas in our heads that we need to grow up, and there is no getting out of it. We all have worked our bums off to get the chance to meet you. You sure are particular on the way we get to you.

Take this many classes, make THESE grades. If we fail at just one task, we get pushed back from getting to you on time, which is frustrating. It’s like a race to the Holy Grail but we all get to share the victory of meeting you at the end.

I’ve prepared myself for you, Graduation. I may be scared of you but I’ve had a little help from my friends on how to prepare for the day we meet, which will be soon. I even have a special outfit for this and you’re going to be blown away when I walk all over you. So, bring it on!

Originally published on The Tab.

Collaboration with Cassandra Marie Vella