Seth Rogen's Voice Will Greet You On Public Transit In Vancouver

The Canadian-born actor did the transit announcements for free.

Seth Rogen is about to become the welcoming committee for Vancouver’s trains and buses.

The actor and comedian recorded a series of announcements on transit etiquette and “interesting tidbits about Vancouver” set to play throughout his hometown’s TransLink system this summer and fall, the system announced Thursday.

“Any opportunity to enrich the lives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take,” Rogen said in an Instagram video revealing the news.

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Back in May, Vancouver Sun reporter Stephanie Ip suggested Rogen as a replacement voice for the transit service after actor Morgan Freeman’s voice announcements were thrown out due to allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.

“Lots of emails today were along the lines of: ‘What, there wasn’t a Canadian actor who could’ve done the job?’” Ip tweeted. “After some thought, I do have a suggestion: @Sethrogen.”

Rogen, an active Twitter user, responded to the reporter’s suggestion warmly:

TransLink popped up in the conversation and the two made it happen, all over Twitter: 

In the video, Rogen says he’s “very proud to be from Vancouver.”

“I grew up taking public transit my whole life, and I still use public transit when I’m in the city,” he says.

Rogen did the voice announcements gratis and wrote them all himself, according to the Vancouver Sun

“Mr. Rogen offered to work with TransLink free of charge and we accepted his offer in the pursuit of providing a better customer experience and to share pride in the region,” TransLink spokesman Steve Vanagas told the paper.

“We are always listening to our customers and that means on social media as well,” Vanagas said. “This idea came from our customers and the local media and we’re happy to have been able to get this done in support of our transit system.”

Now, let’s just hope someone names one of those buses the “Pineapple Express.”



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