If You're Still Peter Pan - Get Ready to Grow Up!

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It's fun to imagine being eternally young, like Peter Pan, avoiding all those adult responsibilities. If you recall, Peter Pan was a character created by the Scottish novelist J. M. Barrie, who spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the island of Neverland. He stays perpetually young.

Some of us, would prefer to live in Neverland forever, where stress and pressures don't exist and we never have to accept the responsibilities of adulthood. But if you look at your horoscope you will see that a mind-blowing event will occur around the age of 29 (and again at 58-59) that will change your life, mature you, and bring you into adulthood. It's called your Saturn Return, and here's what this experience is about.

Close your eyes and flashback to your late teens and twenties. You're enjoying your freedom and experimenting, as you make your way into the world. You've left school and probably your parent's home. You've started your career and taken a job where you could express your creativity, make a difference, or just make a lot of money. You're living on your own in an apartment you share with roommates. Life is good as you meet with the gang for some volleyball and a barbecue at the park. It's fun staying out late into the night, partying at all hours of the morning. You're enjoying the carefree life of being single, with a minimum of responsibilities, doing what you damn well please.

During those years, perhaps you took another path. Rather than stay in the singles world, you decided to marry your sweetheart hoping for a happy life together where you'd have a house with a white picket fence, a little girl named Jane and a dog named Spot. Maybe you didn't have much time for friends because you were already working long hours in your job to get ahead.

Neverland is Over!

Then something incredible happens. Around your 29th birthday, you experience a major astrological event, known as your Saturn Return. You've been feeling the effects of this planetary event for the past six months to a year because you're noticing yourself going from carefree and relaxed to more serious and responsible.

Suddenly you feel older and more mature as you realize you're accountable for the choices you made when you were younger. You find yourself staring out at the world and examining your life and how you're living it. The question starts popping up: in what areas are you happy and fulfilled and in what areas are you not satisfied?

As you walk your dog in the morning you start thinking about whether you need to make some major changes to accomplish your goals such as: Yes, you're the most successful salesperson in the company, but wouldn't it be an exciting challenge to move into management. It's been a valuable learning experience working for a large organization, but you realize you're not cut out for playing corporate politics or having a boss. You've enjoyed having roommates but you're thinking that it might be nice to live alone. It's been a great safety net being near family and friends all these years, but living somewhere new might be exciting.

You've been in a process of contemplation but now you feel a need to take control over your future. You're the boss of you and you're committed to action. Imagine you're an astronaut telling the control tower: "Houston...I'm ready to take off!" The Saturn Return is when you can launch your ambitions and make them a reality.

All those long hours at the office pay off because you've just been offered a big promotion with more pay. The dream you had to start your own business is now occurring because an investor is willing to loan you start-up capital. You're going to take the leap from the security of a job working for someone else to building something of your own. You decide to go from renting to buying your own place. Or, you decide it's time to move to a new city where you can feel totally free and put down roots in a new environment from the one you grew up in.

As far as relationships are concerned, you've dated your sweetheart for a long time and now you decide to make a marriage commitment. Or, perhaps you've been happily married for years and now you want to have your first child.

These are all milestone decisions that involve accepting greater responsibility for your life. Your Saturn Return marks the beginning of a major new phase where you become a more mature person.

What If You're Not Happy With Your Life Choices?

If you've built your life around relationships, a career, activities and a lifestyle that you're passionate about, the Saturn Return is a time when you'll accept greater responsibility and build on the solid foundation you've established. But what if you're not happy with some of the decisions you made? If so, your Saturn Return is the perfect time to re-examine the areas of your life where you're unsatisfied and make positive changes.

If you feel your job has no meaning, now is when you're dissatisfaction may lead you to find a new one. Despite years of hard work and dedication, if you're not receiving opportunities for advancement, you decide to make a career move. Upon realizing your old friends are not into a healthy lifestyle, you're now committed to making new ones. The vacation you took to the West Coast made you realize you no longer want to live in the cold, rainy climate you've grown up in. You've made plans to re-locate to a city where it's warm and sunny year-around. If life is not stimulating enough in the small town you live, you decide it's time to move to a large metropolitan city.

You are compelled to make difficult but necessary changes in your intimate relationships. You recognize the reality that your long-distance romance is never going to go anywhere. It's time to find someone in your own backyard that you can build a future with. Perhaps you realize you're tired of years of being single, having serial sex and empty relationships; you're finally ready to settle down. Now is when you recognize the painful reality that you married too young. You and your spouse just aren't compatible and must consider a divorce.

It's time to re-evaluate your mental and physical health. Years of depression and unsatisfying relationships may finally motivate you to get help from a psychotherapist. This maybe the perfect time for you to finally get serious about transforming your health if you have any medical issues or addiction problems that require professional assistance.

During your Saturn Return you'll evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly elements of your life and make changes to improve them; or eliminate anything that can't be fixed. You're becoming consciously aware that the clock is ticking and your life is passing you by. You're prepared to work hard, make necessary adjustments and commit to achieving your goals. Get ready for big changes in your life that can make your dreams come true.

When your Saturn Return occurs, it's a time to rejoice and celebrate that you now have the maturity and awareness to change your circumstances and liberate yourself from elements of your life that are getting in the way of your happiness. You'll work diligently and make sacrifices that will help you achieve your ambitions. If you don't take advantage of this opportunity during your first Saturn Return, you'll get a second chance around the ages of 58-59. But why wait?

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