IFC's 'Portlandia': Aubrey Plaza Visits A Lesbian Bookstore (VIDEO)

WATCH: Aubrey Plaza Visits A Lesbian Bookstore On 'Portlandia'

Since its premiere last week, IFC's newest sketch comedy "Portlandia" has been heralded by many as a welcome surprise. The brainchild of Fred Armisen ("Saturday Night Live") and Carrie Brownstein (formerly of the indie band Sleater-Kinney), the show is ostensibly set in Portland, OR, but acts more broadly as a parody/homage to the "self-serious liberal" culture that can be found in many towns.

With comparisons made to "Mr. Show" and "The Kids in the Hall," "Portlandia" is a sketch comedy that accomplishes a difficult task; presenting a devastating portrait of a satirical target, while betraying an inherent affection for it. The show follows characters played by Armisen and Brownstein in a tour de force of organic restaurants, bike culture, adult hide-and-go-seek leagues and, in this clip, lesbian bookstores. Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World") guest stars.

Between "Onion News Network" at 10 p.m. EST and "Portlandia" at 10:30, IFC's Friday night line-up is currently the best bet in comedy.


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