Food, Inc. : HuffPost Bloggers Weigh In (Video)

Food, Inc. is a movie everybody's talking about, which opens today in New York, LA and San Fransisco. The film explores the dark underbelly of the what actually goes into that piece of chicken, soda, hamburger or chips that we often don't think twice about popping into our mouths. "The industry doesn't want you to know the truth about what you are eating, because if you did, you might not want to eat it," the trailer intones. But the film cannot be dismissed as merely alarmist propaganda. Food, Inc. vividly and accurately details how agriculture policy, government agencies and corporations work in confluence to perpetuate our food system in its current form, and all the ills -- from public health crises to environmental damage -- that go with it. Do you happen to eat food? Then this movie's for you.

Check out what HuffPost bloggers are saying about the film, and watch the trailer below.

Paula Crossfield : Food, Inc. Gets Rave Reviews, Big Ag Shudders

Today, Food, Inc. debuts: it is certainly not a film to miss. Big Ag realizes that the tide is turning on the corporate control of our food system, and that their message is in jeopardy.

Kerry Trueman: Food, Inc.: The Silence of the Yams:

Robbie Kenner didn't mean to make a horror film when he started working on Food, Inc.. But you can't shine a light on our food chain without exposing some ugly truths.

John Farr: Righteous Indigestion: Why Food, Inc. Must Be Seen:

The folksy Frank Perdue is long gone, my friends, but his chemically altered chickens live on! For this reason alone, Food, Inc. demands to be seen.

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald: Greed in the Seed: The "Inconvenient Truth" of How Food Gets to Your Table Revealed in Food, Inc.:

Food, Inc. is a film whose time has come. With the economic meltdown and the change at the White House, people are demanding more transparency and accountability from those in charge.

Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: Food, Inc.:

Food, Inc. is a hard movie to enjoy. Not that it's not well-made. Just the opposite: It's so convincingly compelling.

Isabel Cowles: Reclaiming America, Bite by Bite:

The food industry has shifted from a broad network of producers and consumers towards a handful of corporate giants that control food culture not only in the grocery store, but also on the farm and on Capitol Hill.

Tracy Helper: You Are What You Eat: Food, Inc. Brings Food to the Forefront:

Looking at today's society it seems clear that when it comes to our food and nutrition, our priorities are out of whack. We need a wake up call and Food, Inc. is just that.

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