Iggy Azalea Says She Peed Her Pants At The Dentist, As One Does

She just couldn't hold in this information.

So much for being "fancy."

Entertainer Iggy Azalea revealed that she's the least elegant of them all in a TMI-filled Twitter story on Wednesday. Azalea informed followers in a stream of tweets that she peed her pants during a routine visit to the dentist. 

She's really taking those "drop this and let the whole world feel it" lyrics to heart. 

Azalea said that she continued on her dentist journey with the help of a friend, Alejandra Hernandez, who apparently drove the 25-year-old home and helped her change out of her urine-soaked pants. 

Azalea switched stalls gears and began talking about her latest rift with her record label, Virgin/EMI, until she realized some were offended by her earlier tale. 

So, take it from Iggy: the next time you want talk to Twitter about your pee-filled journey to the dentist, just hold it in. 


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