Ignite Your Passion

Ignite Your Passion: Be Sexy, Bold and in Tune

Remember those nights when you had hit the magic teens and you couldn't go to sleep? You just couldn't wait to throw back your covers, hit the shower and pedal like crazy to school. Or maybe your chauffeur drove you there in a limousine. But that's beside the point. The fact is you would literally pine for one glimpse of your High School sweetheart. Close your eyes and feel that roiling in the pit of your stomach. Experience again that dizziness and that drama. That high without psychedelics! That desire to be there... in his (or her)presence!

With the years the definition of love has likely transformed into gentler more matured feelings laced with a sense of responsibility. But if you ever need to know what fire-in-the-belly passion feels like, just re-trace your steps to those first infatuations and their raw, pulsating power. You will know!

So Where Is Your Passion in Your Life

It is a difficult question but ask I will. How often do you find that mad passion bubbling up inside you? Is there any area of your life that you 'desire' and 'obsess' over with that ferocity? Does your career fill you with so much energy and exhilaration that the night flies and merges into the pale pink of dawn, yet you do not retire to bed and keep at your projects? Or indeed is your relationship with your significant other so fresh and tight that even after years of togetherness you rush home delirious at the joy of gazing into a pair of familiar eyes and forgetting the stresses of the world?

I know you are shaking your head in disbelief. Who lives like that? Well for starters I do. And so do thousands of other people. The problem here is not the unfeasibility of the goal. The issue lies in our perception. We have been told by our education system, our teachers and even the esteemed self-help books that logic is the chassis of a successful life. And being passionate is suspending logic in favor of 'emotions' -- which can get you in all sorts of trouble.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Being passionate is not about being an unthinking fool. In fact passionate people are successful people. They are individuals who have reached a place where they know exactly who they are and what they want from life. They have cultivated only the relationships that add value to their existence. And can afford to only do 'what they really want.' Passionate people have time to be mad, crazy and focused... all at the same time because they are not pulled in a thousand directions by regrets and what-ifs. They are in touch with their true inner purpose and march towards its fulfillment ceaselessly.

Go Be Passionate

Start with the simple question, "Would I be doing this if today was the last day of my life?" Would you be doing this job? Would you be in this relationship? Would you live life the way others tell you to? Or would you chuck everything else and go feel the rain on your face and cuddle with your lover at two in the afternoon? If I know human nature, I know that you would delete everything that 'has to be' and pursue what 'should be' with passion and dedication.

So why not now?

Put all the areas of your life to the acid test with this one question. Some of the answers will be 'no.' And maybe you can't do anything about them right away. You can't give up on your career because you have to bring in the cash at the end of the month. Yes you do. But there is nothing preventing you from turning your true talents into a side business. Or planning a 'fund' to 'retire' from corporate and enter the world of entrepreneurship. Passion comes from purpose. When you live your purpose, you are blessed with passion as the fuel that propels you towards your destination.

Know what you want and then go after it like there is no tomorrow.

Be sexy, bold and in-tune!