iGOTHAM Wants to Be the ‘Vitamin Water’ for the Eyewear Industry

iGotham wants to be the ‘vitamin water’ for the eyewear industry
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What if I told you the average person spends around 10 and a half hours staring at technology screens on a daily basis? And that 70 percent of Americans reportedly suffer from digital eye strain?

While technology comes with many benefits, these statistics are projected to increase as we become more technologically attentive. The worst side effect—blue light—is something we are exposed to every day.

According to Blue Light Exposed, “Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes.”

We face blue light exposure from multiple sources every day, but most of the harmful exposure comes from our computer, phone or television screens. Overexposure can lead to eye fatigue, sleep disruption and macular cellular damage.

That’s why iGotham has made it its mission to “help everyone work and live healthier.”

Out of all the existing light wavelengths, our eyes are only sensitive to the visible light spectrum, which is made up of the colors that can be seen by the human eye.

These colors are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red on the electromagnetic spectrum. Blue light produces more energy than most—excluding ultra violet (UV) light—because its wavelength is very short.

Unlike other old-fashioned, yellow-tinted blue light-blocking glasses, these personalized, stylish glasses have completely transparent lenses and reportedly blocks 85 to 100 percent of harmful blue light, while regular eyewear only blocks around 18 percent.

In fact, these clear-lensed glasses can protect your eyes from harmful sun rays by blocking 100 percent of UV lights up to 400 millimeters. Further, the polycarbonate lenses are impact and scratch resistant; they have a scratch resistance rating of 2.0-2.5.

iGotham offers two different frames: Soho (a rounded frame) and Nolita (a more rectangular frame). Both fashionable lenses run for $125, including free shipping and handling!

As mentioned, iGotham aims to help consumers live a happier, healthier life. That’s why you can also sign up for their 30 day sleeping challenge through their website. By entering your email, iGotham will send you research-backed strategies designed to help you sleep better in only a month.

The creators of iGotham have over 30 years’ experience in lens crafting; perhaps one of the many reasons they are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the only organization devoted to the “education, prevention, early detection, and prompt treatment” of the most common cancers.

Overall, iGotham aims to remain top notch in three categories: creating top-quality lenses; producing designer brand-styled lenses; and keeping the lenses at an affordable price.

Whether your job consists of you looking at a computer screen for eight to 14 hours a day, or you’re just still stuck on level 782 of Candy Crush (I just went through the app and looked at the “super hard levels” I’ve beaten… that one is HARD), why wouldn’t you want to protect your eyes?

Want to learn more about iGOTHAM? Click here to check out their website and learn more about their stylish eyewear.

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