IHOP Brings The Heat In Twitter Feud With Denny's

"Spoken like 2nd place."

All is fair in love and pancake wars.

IHOP and Denny’s recently got into a little Twitter beef over which breakfast joint is the “original gangster” of pancakes. It all started when IHOP tweeted this:

Denny’s responded with a cheeky line ― “wait what’s OG mean”― and a picture that proved it was five years older than IHOP:

IHOP fired back with a line reminiscent of the great Ricky Bobby line, “If you ain’t first, you’re last”:

People on Twitter quickly declared IHOP the winner of the Twitter fight:

While some insisted other chains were better:

IHOP came through again when someone dared suggest that Huddle House was better:

Though IHOP may have won this round, let us never forget the greatness of this Denny’s tweet from March of this year that took us all on a wild philosophical ride. Follow the tweet’s instructions to find out why:

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