IHOP's Trick For The Fluffiest Omelet Is So Genius And Totally Obvious

If you stick with what you know, good things will happen.

When a pancake house ― ahem, an INTERNATIONAL pancake house ― sets about to make eggs taste better, they stick with what they know. And what they know, in case we didn’t already make that clear, is pancakes.

While most of us like a side of pancakes with our eggs, what we should have been eating all along is some pancakes in our eggs. Or, more specifically, pancake batter mixed in with our eggs before they’re cooked up into omelets. This is what IHOP does with their omelets, and it’s why their recipe turns out so fluffy.

The folks at Extra Crispy have recreated IHOP’s omelet recipe in the video above. Pancake batter not only adds fluff to omelets, it adds heft too ― plus, a touch of sweetness.

Don’t be fooled, this recipe is no delicate, custardy French omelet. It will never be used as the test of a great chef. But, it’s tasty. And it’s something we could all use come Saturday morning.

Watch the video above to see this genius method in action.

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