IHOP Brings Back Pumpkin Pancakes, Just When We Had Lost All Hope

Thank you, oh great pancake guardians!

Just when pumpkin spice overload was beginning to take its toll, IHOP brings back a pumpkin classic that we'll never, EVER complain about.

Behold: IHOP pumpkin pancakes, back at IHOP restaurants now through January 2016.

The fluffy stacks of heaven are made with real pumpkin and IHOP's "trade secret" signature batter, says IHOP spokesperson Craig Hoffman. You'll find them in a Pumpkin Pancakes Combo along with eggs, hash browns and bacon or sausage.

Oh thank heaven.

Go head, take a whiff. #IHOP #PumpkinPancakes

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This just in: Pumpkin Pancakes. #IHOP #IHOPSmile

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If you'd rather make your own breakfast, try this healthy spin on the pumpkin spice trend:

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