I'll Push You: Share the Extraordinary Journey of Two Friends, 500 Miles, and a Wheelchair

: Share the Extraordinary Journey of Two Friends, 500 Miles, and a Wheelchair
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Pilgrims on a spiritual journey have been walking The Way, the road to Santiago de Compostela, since the 9th century. More than a quarter of a million people each year walk some or all of the path from France to Spain, and many find it to be a transforming experience. Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray, who have been friends since the week they were born, decided to take the Camino journey together. Justin, who cannot move his arms or legs due to a neuromuscular disease, is in a wheelchair. When he said he wanted to travel the Camino, Patrick said, “I’ll push you.” And now a documentary about their trip, simply titled, “I’ll Push You,” will be in theaters one night, November 2, 2017, from Fathom Events.

It is a deeply moving story of faith, friendship, courage, and the way our lives are changed and our souls are challenged, sometimes by things that happen to us, sometimes by people who love us, and sometimes by people we meet just once, by chance. And it’s about the deep happiness that comes from helping someone, and by being helped. “Helping someone really benefits you more than it benefits them,” one character says. And another says, “When you deny someone the chance to help you, you deny them the joy in life.” The two men are tested in ways they could not have imagined, and buoyed by finding within themselves and sometimes with others, depths of determination and courage they did not know they had. This is a great film for the whole family. It will inspire the people who see it to be better friends, to be more gracious in accepting help, and maybe to walk The Way themselves.

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