Ikea Unveils Free Competitor To Apple's $99 Pencil

On the other hand, you don't have to build your iPad yourself.
Ikea Singapore

Ikea just took a witty jab at Apple.

The furniture giant’s Singapore branch posted an ad on its Facebook page Thursday night that compared Apple’s newly announced $99 iPad stylus to the simple pads and pencils Ikea uses in its stores.

Among other things, Apple unveiled a larger iPad with an optional stylus, known as the Apple Pencil, at a major product launch on Wednesday. The device, which bucked the late Steve Jobs’ anti-stylus views, was widely mocked online.

“Ikea really does not comment on other brands so we will pass on this,” Mona Liss, a spokeswoman for Ikea U.S., told The Huffington Post by email when asked about the Singapore division’s post.

Neither Apple nor Ikea Singapore immediately responded to requests for comment.

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