IKEA Car Or April Fool? Enviros Wonder

IKEA Car Or April Fool? Enviros Wonder

FastCompany cautiously writes about a rumored IKEA eco-car. What I wonder is if the owner's manual would be wordless and illustrated with happy, blobby people. Oh, and whether the car would have tires or plastic casters.

The Internet is abuzz about a mysterious yet official-looking French website that appeared today. The site touts the LEKO, an environmentally-friendly IKEA-branded concept car. A video on the LEKO site says that the car is a modular design that can act as either a coupe or convertible. The car apparently also has the full backing of the World Wildlife Fund France, though it's not clear if that means the WWF is contributing to the LEKO's development or just endorsing it.

There's a distinct possibility that the LEKO video and site are the viral warning shots for someone's April Fools' Day hoax. The LEKO is absent from the IKEA website, and most importantly, the car will be unveiled on April Fools' Day.

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