IKEA's 'Kitchen Of The Future' Basically Cooks Your Food For You

Forget smartphones. One day, we might be enjoying smart kitchens.

IKEA's vision for the kitchen of the future includes fridge-less food storage shelves and an eco-friendly sorting system for reusable sink water. But the best part is an unbelievably intelligent kitchen table, conceptualized to reheat food, measure baking ingredients and suggest recipes by "reading" the ingredients placed on its top. It's thanks to inspiration from design students and the innovation firm Ideo.

Here's the idea: you plop a tomato and potatoes on the tabletop, set the timer for how many minutes you're willing to spend making dinner, and the table suggests recipes for potato gnocchi before telling you precisely how to slice each ingredient. The table heats up to act as a burner for your boiling water, and it films the whole process so you can watch a playback of your cooking session later. Plus, you can charge your phone simply by placing it on the table's surface. Whoa.

The table is a part of Ikea's Concept Kitchen 2025, a vision for the kitchen of the future. It's anyone's guess if the kitchen's elements will actually make it into production by 2025, First We Feast points out. Nevertheless, the futuristic room, with its smart table prototype, shelving and classic IKEA furniture, is on display at IKEA Temporary in Milan through October.

We'll bring the potatoes.

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