If You've Ever Assembled Ikea Furniture, This One's For You

If You've Ever Assembled Ikea Furniture, This One's For You

When police arrived at a Swedish family's home to investigate reports of a domestic disturbance, they quickly determined the sinister culprit: baffling Ikea furniture assembly instructions.

According to Swedish newspaper The Expressen, police paid a late night visit to a residence in the small town of Stromstad, Sweden, to investigate a concerned neighbor's report about loud "banging" and "crying" emanating from the house.

When police arrived on the scene, they merely found a couple struggling with assembling Ikea furniture. The "banging?" Attempted furniture construction. The "crying?" The couple's infant, presumably disturbed by the noise (or perhaps the perplexing instructions), The Local jokes.

The tale is only the latest installment in oft-parodied customer struggles with Ikea's illustrated assembly instructional diagrams. In 2012, Ikea began posting upbeat musical YouTube instructional videos. Some critics saw this as an attempt to compensate for the brand's "totally indecipherable" illustrated instructions, as described by Digital Trends.

You can watch one such instructional video below:

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