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IKEA Monkey Runs Around In Coat Outside Furniture Store In Toronto (PHOTO)

Bed made out of cardboard? Check. Swedish meatballs? Check. Pet monkey? Uh oh.

A tiny monkey in a stylish little coat ran across the parking lot of a Toronto IKEA store on Sunday, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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The stylish monkey takes a trip through the park lot

The monkey's owners, who were shopping in the store at the time, eventually came out to claim their pet, but not before the primate became an Internet sensation.

Just one of the monkey's various Twitter accounts already has more than 1,700 followers.

The CBC's Bronwyn Page was there to witness the monkey's antics.

"We saw a crowd of people surrounding a small animal, and we quickly realized it was a monkey wearing a coat and a diaper. That was pretty bizarre," Page said in a radio interview. "It was running between people. They were trying to call it towards them. It was really scared. They were trying to get away from cars. We realized it didn’t belong to any of those people."

Toronto police believe the monkey somehow managed to get free from his cage inside a car parked at the store, according to the Guardian.

"Nobody got hurt," Staff Sergeant Ed Dzingala said. "The monkey was a little scared, that's all."


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