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Incredibly Smart Mirror Gives Spot-On Compliments, Reminds Us We're All Truly Beautiful

What a sweet talker.

This mirror on display in an Ikea store in Wembley, London, is telling shoppers how fabulous they are by doling out tailored compliments. And they don't even have to prod with, "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

The mirror, featured in the video above, uses Xbox Kinect motion sensor technology, which detects data about shoppers' facial and body features and then activates a corresponding compliment stored within the system.

"That's a magnificent beard."
ikea mirror

"Darling, your dress looks amazing!"
ikea mirror

Earlier this year, IKEA's Life At Home report revealed that a morning self-esteem boost can work wonders on a person's demeanor for the day. The mirror addresses a deeper truth that the majority of people are critical rather than accepting of their physical appearance, according to the study.

"I was walking down the aisle, and this amazing mirror just whistled at me," one of the shoppers in the video above says. "Great for me, I never get compliments. I could have stood there all day to be honest."

Now how can we get one of these in our bathroom?

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