Hilarious Puns Make Ikea Shopping Trip Way More Bearable

Though some were unenthused.

Ikea, home of reasonably-priced furniture and the demise of many relationships, has officially found its number one fan.

YouTube user Simonline decided to make the daunting task of an Ikea trip a bit more fun, at his girlfriend Dana's expense.


(an unamused Dana)

He took the often hard-to-pronounce Swedish names of Ikea products and inserted them into full, absurd sentences, including our personal favorite,"Dana have you seen the toilet? My Bladis full." Hilarity ensues for everyone except Dana, of course, who responds mostly with exasperated sighs, "stop" or "what does that even mean?"


Sorry, Dana, but a trip to Ikea with Simon really just seems like a ton of pun.

Check out the video below.

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